: Lone flesh superduper dstranger

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TORBEN SØBORG: Naturen er intet, billedet af den ALT - 1983  [click]

TORBEN SØBORG: Lone flesh superduper stranger - 1983  [click]

These are my two first Artist's Books. Unfortunately I have lost both. I remember that No. 2 was a
collage of cut outs and copies from many different comic strips - just like William S. Burroughs's
cut up technique, all though they - as far as I remember - formed a sort of continuos story.

Both books were part of the very first exhibition in Denmark with Artist's Books in 1983 and 1984
     Book  Art - Book Works - Book Objects
organised by the Danish multi-artist Niels Lomholt at Hvidovre Art Library, Cctober 1983.

The exhibition moved later to Gallery 25, Haderslev, November 1983, Lyngby Art Library, January 1984,
Gladsaxe Art Library, February 1984, and Galleria Rampelyset, Silkeborg, November

GOOD NEWS October 25, 2017: I found both Artist's Books on top of a book shelve!


lomholt-bookart-collage.jpg (193639 bytes) From Niels Lomholt's exhib.catalogue


Torben Soeborg, Denmark