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Torben Søborg: SEASONS IN MY GARDEN - 2018

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      As so often before I reuse what I have done earlier – not as copies but in new contexts. This is also
the case with this Artist’s Books. Outside my living room windows I have a big ceramic jar with the herb
Sankthansurt – or in English often called Live-long or Live-forever – in Latin: Hyloteleplium teleplium.
The book is based on reuse of some of my fine art prints of this herb – and the prints are
based on many digital photos of the herb in spring, summer, autumn and winter.   Leporello book.
Size: 9 x 25,7 x 0,2 cm closed and up to 36,5 cm open. Pigment print. Cover: White carton.
Signed and numbered edition of four. Printed by the artist at Fantasy Factory, Haslev, Denmark.

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